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Today is cold, gray, and windy.

It's been an amazing day for birds.  I saw a female oriole in the forest garden!  :D 3q3q3q!!!  She is black and peach instead of black and orange, very pretty.  I thought the male had left, because I hadn't seen him in a couple of days, and I saw a catbird eating the orange.  But if there is a female then the male is probably still here too.  Also I saw a male and a female grosbeak, two male and one female goldfinches, and a small flock of cardinals.  Plus the usual sparrows, house finches, and doves.  The two squabs in the nest under the kitchen window are medium-size now.  Often we get birds just passing through, but with male and female pairs of both Baltimore orioles and rose-breasted grosbeaks, they may decide to nest here.  I am so excited!

It has been amusing to watch some the antics ...

All around the Celandine
The male dove chases the female.
That's the way the courting goes ...
PECK! goes the female.

I fed the birds.  I filled the hopper feeder with sunflower seed, filled the thistle sock, and put out a fresh orange.

We also cleared patio junk away from the pole that the internet technician will need to reach later.

EDIT 5/10/20 -- Round Two, we raked up a wheelbarrow of leaves and took it to the grass wall.  Then we shoveled ash out of the firepit and took that to the grass wall also.

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