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Today is partly sunny, windy, and chilly.

I fed the birds, including refilling the thistle sock.  The orange is mostly pecked, but not empty yet.  I've seen cardinals and blue jays today.

We worked in the savanna, cutting and hauling what we could from tree-sized branches that had fallen.  A couple of the main stems are too big for our equipment, so we dragged them to the side for the tree guys to dice up later.

A wildflower is blooming in the wildflower garden, bluish-purple.  It might be creeping bellflower.  Poppies have several buds.  :D   

EDIT 5/8/20 -- Round Two, I planted a red cardinal flower and a blue cardinal flower in the forest garden, which is at the moment largely mud.

I saw a big screaming fight among several cardinals and a couple of bluejays in the hedge of the south lot.

EDIT 5/8/20 -- Round Three, I planted 1 Soulmate Butterfly Flower, 1 Hello Yellow Butterfly Flower, and 3 butterfly weed in the wildflower garden.  I also transplanted a bunch of purple coneflower and yellow coneflower that were growing in the yard, moving them into the wildflower garden.
Tags: birdfeeding, gardening, illinois, nature, personal, wildlife
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