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Today is sunny, breezy, and cool.  My last shipment of plants has arrived.  <3

I fed the birds.  I was excited to the see the oriole feasting on the orange that I put out yesterday.  Since that one was devoured, I put out another, and he very quickly found it too.  :D  Despite never seeing any here before, it turns out my yard is exactly what they like: tall open woodland with some sunny meadows.  Just in case you need to know ...





We did some more trimming of a plum tree to clear line of sight for later internet installation.  I still need to haul the brushy ends to the ritual meadow brushpile, but we got another handful of kindling from this.   

EDIT 5/7/20 -- Round Two, I planted 3 yellow bellwort and 2 Virginia bluebells in the forest garden.  Bellwort is a flower I have that is growing with enthusiasm.  I have a few bluebells but they have yet to bloom.

EDIT 5/7/20 -- Round Three, I planted 3 Maximillian perennial sunflowers in the prairie garden.  Also, a couple of my sunchokes have sprouted.  :D

In the process I noted that the cup plant -- which was a single sprout several years ago -- now has numerous seedlings scattered around the western part of the prairie garden.  <3 wildflowers I did not have to pay for.

EDIT 5/7/20 -- Round Four, I cut pieces of yellow yarn and put them in an empty suet cage for the oriole.  The second orange is well pecked but not empty yet.

I also hauled the plum branches to the brushpile, then picked up a trolley full of other trimmings and fallen sticks.

As it is now dark, I am done for the night.
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