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Today was partly cloudy, breezy, and warm.

I fed the birds.

Round 1, we used the wheelbarrow to pick up the pile of brush in the ritual meadow.  Then we sorted out the other pile into brush which we moved, and kindling which we left.  

Round 2, I went back out and moved the kindling to its proper place.  That clears all the big stuff in the ritual meadow, except for a few of the base logs.  We still need to rake up the smaller twigs though.

Round 3, I pulled weeds in the ritual meadow.

Round 4, I sowed wildflower seeds in the barrel garden and the septic garden.

Round 5, I pulled weeds in the south lot.

Round 6, I pulled weeds in the driveway and cut brush leading to the ritual meadow.
Tags: birdfeeding, gardening, illinois, nature, personal, wildlife
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