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Today is partly sunny, breezy, and warm.  I fed the birds, including refilling the thistle sock.

My woodland poppy is blooming in the forest garden, and it looks like the yellow bellwort will too.  :D

We have procured a tree guy, who will come out probably Friday, but possibly tomorrow if it doesn't rain like it's supposed to, and cut up the partially downed branch of mulberry and the newer tree down in the ritual meadow.  

So my yardwork project for today is trimming away the volunteer nannyberry shoots from the main nannyberry tree that the mulberry branch fell on.  (The tree guy had thought it was a dogwood.  Turns out, viburnum and dogwood are not closely related, but look very similar.  I have dogwoods elsewhere, along with an elderberry in the orchard helpfully chucked in by Gaia a few years ago.)

EDIT 4/22/20 -- Round Two, I trimmed more nannyberry shoots.

EDIT 4/22/20 -- Round Three, I raked and seeded a bare patch in the south lot.

EDIT 4/22/20 -- Round Four, I raked and seeded a bare patch beside the flowerbed.

EDIT 4/22/20 -- Round Five, I trimmed more brush around the mulberry.

As it is getting dark and I'm tired, I am done for today.
Tags: birdfeeding, gardening, illinois, nature, personal, wildlife
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