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Today is sunny, breezy, and mild.  Lilacs are showing purple.

I fed the birds, including refilling the suet cage.  I saw a crow in the yard.  There are now 2 eggs in the dove nest under the window.

I started clearing a patch to plant the other sunchokes.

EDIT 4-18-20: Round Two, I planted the Nora sunchokes in the prairie garden.  There were supposed to be 4, but this time I got 2 large tubers and 1 medium tuber.  I guess the Oikos people render 4 as "some."

EDIT 4-18-20: Round Three, I put a marker stake by the Nora sunchokes.

EDIT 4-18-20: Round Four, I watered the sunchokes and trimmed brush around the electrical meter.
Tags: birdfeeding, gardening, illinois, nature, personal, wildlife
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