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Location notes for "Survive the Recovery"

These are the location notes for "Survive the Recovery."

Morton Meadows is a historic neighborhood in Midtown Omaha, Nebraska. It lies between Center and Leavenworth Streets, from 42nd Street to Saddle Creek. It is near the Dundee area. Other nearby historic districts include the Gold Coast, Field Club and Country Club.

The Wright House

The Wright house is close to Downtown, the Nebraska Medical Center, Creighton University, and the Omaha Zoo. It is two stories tall with a basement. This Welcome sign hangs outside. The front porch includes chairs and a wooden bench for sitting. The back yard includes a table and chairs. A small lawn under the lilac bush provides play space. A grill stands beside the house.

In the basement, the playroom is matted with interlocking foam tiles. The craft room includes several tables and chairs, along with shelves and bins for storing supplies. The family room features a couch and an easy chair in front of a large viewscreen. The basement bedroom includes a full-size bed, a twin-size bed, and a sitting area. Berry Wilkin has the full-size bed while Jubilee Wright has the twin-size bed. The bathroom includes a toilet, sink, and shower stall. The laundry room has a washer and dryer under a storage shelf. A large basement pantry stores food and household supplies.

The Wright family Christmas tree stands in the foyer on the main floor. It holds ornaments made by most members of the family. The living room has a fireplace with a viewscreen above it, along with several mismatched chairs. The dining table has extra leaves to accommodate more people. An upright piano stands in the dining room. The tiny kitchen includes a refrigerator-freezer, stove, microwave, and sink. A desk and chair sit near the kitchen. The powder room has a sink and toilet.

Upstairs, the master bedroom has a queen-size bed and a dresser. Jefferson and Precious share this room. The second bedroom has a full-size bed, belonging to Carmine Hughes. The third bedroom has bunk beds. Rhyland Solinger has the upper bunk while Delonn Baumbach has the lower bunk. The upstairs bathroom includes a toilet, sink, and clawfoot bathtub with shower.
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