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Monday Update 4-13-20

These are some posts from the later part of last week in case you missed them:
Poem: "Brief Bright Flames"
Today's Smoothie (tropical)
Poem: "Not a Sudden Problem"
Poem: "The Highest-Paid Professional Women"
Poem: "Their Wings Too Heavy"
Today's Smoothie (pear pineapple orange)
Internet Update
Community Building Tip: Depave
Poem: "Happy Little Trees"
Poem: "Happy Accidents"
Today's Smoothie (banana blackberry)
Poem: "As a Form of Cultural Bricolage"
Poem: "A Weird Tension"
Self-Awareness Question: Learning New Things
Poem: "By the Action of the Muscles"
Poem: "Releasing the Parts from False Position"
Hard Things

Last week's half-price sale in Polychrome Heroics went well. All the Broken Angels poems have been sponsored and posted. \o/ I still have a couple other things to post.

Internet challenges continue, but we have a usable amount of connection now. Email and blogging are at near-normal levels for practical purposes, I'm just trying to minimize the superfluous stuff. I can access the net several times a day. I'm avoiding heavy-duty research, sites with audio or video, and other high-use content. Posting uses more data than browsing, but I have managed near-normal rates on that too.  However, I'm minimizing the online research, so poems posted during limited data have fewer footnotes.

Poetry in Microfunding:

There is one open epic at present.

"To Be Something Stronger and Better" is now complete. Shiv overdoes it a bit, but folks take care of him.

"Pride Against Prejudice" belongs to Polychrome Heroics. Find out what happened to Aconite.

The weather has been windy and rainy here. Seen at the birdfeeders this week: a large flock of blackbirds, a flock of mourning doves, a flock of sparrows, several cardinals, several dark-eyed juncos, several house finches, several robins, a brown thrasher, and a squirrel.  Currently blooming: daffodils, forsythia, violets, tulips, blue grape hyacinths, cherries, serviceberry. 
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