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Content notes for "The Highest-Paid Professional Women"

These are the content notes for "The Highest-Paid Professional Women."

Teen fathers are almost always excluded from programs for teen parents. I've only found one really good program for teen fathers -- and it's in New Zealand, so thank the Maori clan structure for that.

The original average pay for cheap sex workers in the worst neighborhoods of Lincoln, Nebraska was about $50,000 a year. By December, the sex workers are already nudging their prices upward as they expand their knowledge and services. In a few months, they will probably be charging twice what they used to, and that's not even the high end for prostitution. The expensive ones working in Las Vegas can easily make over $1 million a year. The ones who fly out to service rich clients can make $50,000 in a couple of weeks.

Some people pimp for billionaires. A model-prostitute in Dubai making $20,000 for several days to a week of sex, working 50 weeks a year, would rake in $1 million. At Cannes it's even higher, up to $40,000 a night. That means $40,000 x 5 days a week x 50 weeks = $10,000,000. While it's not large career pool, there are still a lot more prostitutes in places like Dubai and Cannes making that kind of money than there are supermodels or actresses making anywhere near that without sex.

These are the top 20 jobs where women make up at least 40% of the workforce and get paid similarly to men. All of them with the possible exception of fundraisers require expensive higher education. Most make little more than a low-paid prostitute, for a lot more work; none of them come anywhere near a high-paid prostitute.

Two other jobs where (a few) women can make truly large sums of money are acting and modeling. They don't necessarily require higher education, but they also involve variations on selling one's body and attention, often in sexualized ways. The highest paid actresses make around $40 million per year, but highest paid actors make $239 million. In local-America the average pay for models isn't even minimum wage in Terramagne-America, and the top 10% only make about $49,462 per year. A handful of supermodels make $8-9 million per year, but the highest only makes $22.5 million, just over half the top actress and less than a tenth the top actor. However, these jobs are extremely short in supply and could not absorb more than a tiny fraction of prostitutes.

Job training programs for former prostitutes usually prepare them for low-end jobs. Here's one that provides two years of training to become a nursing home caregiver -- a job that in L-America doesn't even reach T-America's minimum wage of $15 per hour. In other words, leaving prostitution almost always entails a massive pay cut.

See Faster Blaster's blue driving gloves from Stonewall Joe.
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