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Location notes for "The Highest-Paid Professional Women"

These are the location notes for "The Highest-Paid Professional Women."

The Parish Visitors of Mary Magdalen have three holdings in the Hartley neighborhood of Lincoln, Nebraska which is primarily a residential neighborhood just south of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus. They have a convent for themselves, the Magdalen Village for vulnerable women, and Gabriel's Place for vulnerable men.

This is the exterior courtyard of the convent. See illustrations of the north wing section, east and south wings typology, south wing section, south wing short, west wing low, west wing with facades, floor plan level 0, floor plan level 1, and floor plan roof.

Inside, the convent has an exercise room, chapel, work room, and multipurpose room.

For the apartments, see the Salinas typology section, Salinas floor plan, Laranjeiras typology section, Laranjeiras great room 1st floor plan, Laranjeiras bedrooms 2nd floor plan, typology great room floor plan, typology bedroom floor plan, 2-story and 1-story floor plans.

This small apartment has a kitchen, living room, single bedroom with a church picture, and bathroom.

This apartment has arched ceilings over a living room, kitchen, bedroom with two beds, and bathroom.

The Mother Superior's apartment has a living room, kitchen-dining room, bedroom, and bathroom.

The Parish Visitors of Mary Magdalen have an arrangement with Southeast Community College so that residents in the Magdalen Village or Gabriel's Place can earn anything up to a 2-year degree for free. The program emphasizes job-oriented programs such as Accounting, Associate Degree Nursing, Auto Collision Repair Technology, Automotive Technology, Building Construction Technology, Business, Computer Information Technology, Culinary/Hospitality, Dental Assisting, Early Childhood Education, Electrical & Electromechanical Technology, Healthcare Services, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology, Horticulture and Turfgrass Management, Human Services, Livestock Management & Production, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Medical Assisting, Office Professional, Paramedic, Physical Therapist Assistant, Plumbing Technology, Professional Truck Driver Training, and Welding Technology.

The Magdalen Village has 24 units for single parents and/or former prostitutes, in 4 buildings with 6 units each. It also has a community center, community garden, walking trails, basketball court, volleyball court, playground, and pond.

See an overview of the village and its site plan. The community building includes a multipurpose room, teaching kitchen, teen room, exercise room, children's play room, computer room, lobby, work room, and 5 offices. This is the restoration house. See the exterior and floor plan of a 6-unit building. Here are floor plans for a 2-bedroom unit, 3-bedroom unit, and 4-bedroom unit.

In Terramagne-Lincoln, Gabriel's Place is a cohousing project for former male prostitutes and unwed young fathers. The sitemap covers 1.4 hectares with a reed bed for sewage treatment. There are 29 units in the rowhouses and another 4 studio apartments in the Common House, making 33 units in all. Each workshop building holds 2 spaces, for a total of 6. Since most of the rowhouses have bedrooms with ensuites, they can be used either by families or by unrelated roommates, making the units more flexible. The playspace at the top of the sitemap is open grass, while the one just below the allotment garden has a playground marked in yellow. The trees and bushes planted around the lot include mostly native fruit and nut species, along with some orchard fruits such as apples. All of the graywater from the buildings feeds into a reedbed for water treatment, and the clean water then flows out into the city's rainwater management system.

See the exterior of a multiplex.

This is the floor plan of a 1-bedroom flat. Where the two pink buildings appear together on the sitemap, those are stacked flats, for a total of 4 units. Each stacked pair can be used separately or linked together through an internal staircase with locking doors.

This floor plan shows a 1-bedroom bungalow with 682 square feet.

Here is the floor plan of a 2-bedroom house with 1086 square feet.

This 3-bedroom house has 1291 square feet.

Here is a 4-bedroom house with 1800 square feet, where the pink building appears alone on the sitemap.

Each workshop building holds 2 spaces, for a total of 6. They have a workshop for wood, metal, glass, general handiwork, small engine repair, and general repair. These give the residents a chance to learn new skills and earn money. See the exterior and floor plan.

See the exterior of the common house. This floor plan shows the first floor of the common house. The upper floor is divided into three large spaces: a classroom over each wing and a multipurpose room in the center. The cellar only goes under the center part and consists of a recreation room. The Common House includes two studio apartments on each side, each with 504 square feet.
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