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Character notes for "The Highest-Paid Professional Women"

These are the character notes for "The Highest-Paid Professional Women."

Sister Mary Grace Abrams -- She has fair skin, gray eyes, and straight dark hair. She is 37 years old in 2015. Mary Grace lives in Lincoln, Nebraska. She belongs to the Parish Visitors of Mary Magdalen, an order of nuns who work in the community to improve people's lives. They reach out to prostitutes, foster children, runaways, homeless people, immigrants, abuse survivors, and other vulnerable people. They run two projects in Lincoln: the Magdalen Village for women and Gabriel's Place for men, both for former prostitutes and single parents struggling to establish a healthy life. Mary Grace is equally comfortable helping people who want to get out of prostitution and those who want to stay in. Her compassion allows her to connect with people quickly and easily. She excels at understanding and explaining spiritual issues. However, she struggles with math and logic. Mary Grace wears a royal blue habit with a white collar, a navy blue veil over her hair, and a round medallion of Mary Magdalen washing the feet of Jesus.
Qualities: Good (+2) Compassion, Good (+2) Existential Intelligence, Good (+2) Parish Visitor Nun, Good (+2) Stamina, Good (+2) Rapport
Poor (-2) Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

Keisha Hinton -- She has café au lait skin, brown eyes, and long straightened hair streaked lighter and darker brown. She has both ears and her navel pierced. Tall and striking, she turns heads wherever she goes. She was named Keith and raised as a boy, but came out as transgender at 11 and was on the streets at 13; she is 19 in 2015. She renamed herself Keisha and took up prostitution to pay for transitioning. Her top surgery went well, and increased her income, but now she wants to get bottom surgery and knows that will make her less attractive to many johns. Keisha doesn't really want to work as a prostitute, but doesn't know what else to do. She lives in Lincoln, Nebraska.
Qualities: Good (+2) Determination, Good (+2) Statuesque, Good (+2) Street Smart
Poor (-2) Transgender Prostitute

Fandango (Farrah Vandamme) -- She has fair skin, violet eyes, and long wavy hair of hot pink. She was named Frank and raised as a boy. She came out as transgender at 14 and renamed herself Farrah; she is 18 in 2015. Then her therapist abused her for wanting to be a hermaphrodite, not a woman, so she ran away. Farrah took up prostitution to survive, especially pornography. She discovered that this actually helped her body image a lot. She saved enough to get top surgery. She also wants to add a vagina, but does not want to give up her original male genitals. Fandango enjoys her work and excels at knowing what people want. Outside that, though, she is isolated with few friends and no family where she lives in Lincoln, Nebraska.
Origin: After she started transition therapy, she developed superpowers.
Uniform: On duty, Fandango often wears little or nothing, although out on the street she wears seductive clothes. Off duty, she wears fashionable women's clothes.
Qualities: Good (+2) Beautiful, Good (+2) Kinesthetic Intelligence, Good (+2) Knowing What People Want, Good (+2) Prostitute
Poor (-2) Isolated
Powers: Good (+2) Crayon Soup
Motivation: Self-image.
Tags: cyberfunded creativity, fantasy, fishbowl, poetry, reading, safety, spirituality, weblit, writing
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