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Notes for "Their Wings Too Heavy"

These are the notes for "Their Wings Too Heavy."

"Even angels must find their wings too heavy sometimes."
-- Helen Van Slyke

November produce includes rainbow chard (see recipes for Green Beans and Rainbow Chard Stems and Sauteed Rainbow Chard with Garlic and Lemon), persimmons (see recipes for Old Fashioned Persimmon Pudding and sauces) sweet potatoes (see recipes for wedges, Baked Sweet Potatoes, variations on mashed ones and pie), and carnival squash (see recipe for Roasted Maple Walnut Carnival Squash).

The African food pyramid relies greatly on greens along with tubers, squash, beans, and fruit. Blues Moon offers a range of dishes from light to heavy, with a lot of African and soul food, but they are adding more modern touches as Shiv finds random things. You can still see the influence of the diaspora, though, because they serve things like persimmons that just aren't a big part of the mainstream diet but rely on foraging or scraps.

Chubbie Chunks are wax pucks made from recycled crayons, as Terramagne-America prefers to minimize industrial waste of materials. They can be used whole or broken into halves or quarters for small hands. They are sold in buckets of various sizes, and in thematic color sets or random assortments. Chubbie Chunks make a great introduction to coloring for older babies or toddlers because they are easy to hold and don't have only one "correct" point to color with. The mixed colors make fabulous abstracts just by dragging them across a page, but they also work surprisingly well for sketching. See Shiv's lion drawn with Chubbie Chunks.

This is the craft corner in the restaurant. It includes coloring pages for toddlers, along with basic and advanced worksheets of color theory for older guests.

Toddler finger foods include many vegetables and fruits.

Apples come in many varieties. Granny Smith is a sour green apple ideal both for baking and for salads. Rome Beauty is a bright red apple whose sweet-tart flavor works raw or cooked.

A tasting flight is a set of similar foods or beverages in different flavors. It gives people a chance to compare and contrast the options to decide which they like best, or just enjoy a variety of small samples. These are usually served in cups on a wooden board or in a divided dish.

Spices and blends come in many flavors. Cinnamon sugar is usually made with cinnamon and white sugar. However, sweet potatoes are often dressed with brown sugar and cinnamon; a bit of vanilla powder mellows the flavor. You can also make your own "brown sugar" from coconut sugar and molasses, with or without extra spices. Blackened seasoning is popular in the South. Cayenne is a type of hot pepper. Chili powder can be used to make much more than just chili.

Babbling is a stage of language development.

The salad is simply a bowl full of hand-torn rainbow chard leaves with carrot ribbons and apple peels tossed in.

This gives you a general idea of how to make salad dressing from cranberry relish. You can tweak as desired. If you dislike mustard, substitute honey as an emulsifier. If you want it chunky, run everything else through the blender and then stir in the cranberry relish last.

Heron's T-shirt reads, Not a Phase.

Baby monitor apps come in various styles.
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