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Notes for "A Weird Tension"

These are the notes for "A Weird Tension."

"Don’t forget you’re human. It’s okay to have a meltdown, just don’t unpack and live there. Cry it out and then refocus on where you are headed."
-- Unknown

(About meltdowns)
"I feel trapped. I have a weird tension in my head or my arms I want to get out. Everything around me suddenly feels extremely real like I’ve just come out of the water, I feel all sorts of emotions all at once and I want to run away from them all. I lose sight of what is socially appropriate and start to say things I either don’t mean or something I’ve wanted to say deep down. Whenever that happens I end up hurting someone or confusing everyone."

This room is suitable for small group meetings, up to about ten or twelve people. It is reasonably comfortable without being luxurious. It's also used as spillover for smaller meetings if the other rooms are full or people want a good-sized table. This room is used most often by standard wing inmates, although it's accessible to private wing inmates, just not cheap.

See Dr. G's blue and orange sweater.

Marbling is a papercraft with a long history. It's done by floating ink on water, making designs, and then touching paper to the ink. There are various methods. Browse some marbling tools and supplies. There are basic and advanced instructions on how to do it. This is probably one of the first times that Shiv really cared about missing out on something due to living in the private wing.

Prismacolor Art Stix come in a set of 12.

The Highlighting and Shading Set is a set of 24 colored pencils.

Velcro packing straps are often sold as cable ties. They make great fidgets for people who enjoy rough-smooth contrasts of texture and/or ripping sounds.

These stress balls have emotional faces.

Diatomaceous earth and garden sand both have landscaping uses. They are reasonably safe if handled sensibly.

You can make your own clay and enhance it with additives for therapeutic or artistic purposes.

There are many ways to do visual goal setting. This one illustrates present and future. You can also map your progress by coloring in spaces as you complete steps -- an excellent tracker for "do this daily" type goals. Mapping your goals can also create a branching mind map. This goals path is another way to map goals.

A goal setting ladder is designed to promote achievement and motivate children. This relates to a behavior ladder, a technique that some teachers condemn due to its disadvantages. Compare the Ladder of Doom with unconditional love. Shiv's past abuse makes these triggers for him now. In particular, remember that unreasonable expectations are always abuse, and if a child never succeeds, the expectations are unreasonable, no matter how much adults want the child to please them by performing certain acts.

Read about trauma-informed care. Shiv is volatile and sometimes violent due to past abuse.

Wet wipes are good for cleaning.
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