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Notes for "By the Action of the Muscles"

These are the notes for "By the Action of the Muscles."

"How often we must remember the art of the surgeon, which, in replacing the broken bone, contents itself with releasing the parts from false position; they fly into place by the action of the muscles. On this art of nature all our arts rely."
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Heat relieves pain, stiffness, and muscle cramps. You can buy or make a hot sock with your choice of fillings and fragrances such as herbs or essential oils. Use heat if your muscles feel stiff and/or cold. It can help before or after a therapy session.

Cold soothes pain and inflammation. Use cold if your muscles feel puffy and/or hot. Ice in a baggie, or a reusable gel pack, will work if wrapped in a flour-sack dishcloth. You can chill a "hot sock" in the freezer and use it as-is because it's already got a cloth cover. Cold works best after a therapy session.

See Shiv's fox heat pack from Heron.

Three Bone Tea includes ingredients useful for healthy bones. Some of its ingredients really do have a muddy, mineral taste.

Merry Mint is one of Heron's blends, an uplifting mix of peppermint, spearmint, ginger mint, and lemon balm. Of the many mint varieties, several boost the mood.

Shiv's coffee cup says Shit Is Fucked Up.

Cranberry Spice Tea is one of the red drink options at Blues Moon.

Massage can help a lot of different problems. Read about some techniques used in arm massage. Here is a self-massage technique using a food can.

You can buy or make massage oil with herbs to help. Consider warming, cooling, soothing, or analgesic qualities. Adaptogens help a wide range of problems.

Exercises help restore strength and flexibility after an injury. Here are some for fractures of the humerus, also good for other arm injuries.

There are fliers of forearm exercises for Cubital Tunnel and Brachial Plexus. In this case, really all you need is a set of different ways to move your forearm to exercise different joints and muscles. It's not as specific as some injuries, which is probably why I couldn't turn up therapy specifically for this.

Therapy putty comes in various brands. It's customarily graded by how stiff it is, often sold in sets from soft to firm. Although primarily used for hand and finger therapy, it also relates to the forearm because that's where the big muscles for moving the hand and fingers are located.

Thinking putty is a silicone play putty that comes in dozens of colors, some with special qualities like magnetic or glow-in-the-dark traits. In Terramagne, the "super" prismatic colors like Super Scarab are just a little more responsive to superpowers than to ordinary users -- not enough to act as a reliable flash badge, just extra pretty. You can do exercises with thinking putty too.

Here are basic and detailed guides to forearm anatomy.

Therapeutic sleeves can go from elbow to wrist, upper arm to wrist, or upper arm to hand. Some styles cover the whole shoulder and arm with active heat, cold, and pressure options.

A sling can support and control the arm with varying degrees of intensity. Learn how to wear a sling.

While superpowers can speed up healing, the materials for healing have to come from somewhere. That means if you use up a bunch of stuff in a healing session, you need to replace it as soon as possible, similar to recommendations for healing a fresh injury. In this case that means eating foods rich in the nutrients needed to repair bones and muscles.

Enjoy a recipe for Bone Broth Based Chunky Beef Vegetable Soup.
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