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Review: Johnson's Emotional First Aid

I had a copy of this book years ago, that disappeared, and the first of my birthday presents is a replacement copy.  :D  (It's after sunset, and we count in Pagan/Baha'i fashion with night before day, so it's already my birthday.)  I'm delighted to have this again, because it's a book I recommend often.

Johnson's Emotional First Aid is a guide to emotional regulation.  Something like this is in most quiet rooms in Terramagne, and it's really quite close to their style: light-hearted and practical.  It breaks down into sections, organized alphabetically, with a variety of positive and negative topics.  Frex, the first several are Affirmation, Anger, Anxiety and Action.  Many of the entries suggest more than one option to work on that technique or emotion.  They are things that most people can to, or at least attempt, and they span a wide range of physical, emotional, and intellectual approaches.

A lot of this is stuff that most people learned growing up.  However, not everybody got a chance to learn emotional regulation skills, and almost nobody has a complete kit -- there's always one more tool you hadn't seen before.  If you didn't get a good set before now, this is an excellent place to start.  It's also ideal for your emotional first aid kit because, let's face it, when you feel like crap then it can be hard to remember what to do.  Put the book in the box and you can just look it up.  Another use is that you can give a copy to friends who are going through a hard time.  Most people in local-America don't have a handbook on emotional first aid.  This book, a microfiber blanket, and a mug with a suitable box of tea will ease a lot of woes and show you care.

Most highly recommended.
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