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Talking about Astrophysics

Neil deGrasse Tyson wants people to talk about astrophysics like they do about Beyoncé.

Well, I feel sorry for him, because people don't give a flying fuck about astrophysics.  They should, but they don't.  They care about pop music and celebrity sex lives and other people's dietary choices.  They do not care about stars, exoplanets, or even the planet they're standing on.  This is a problem.  But if you talk about astrophysics, you will bore and annoy most people, who will then either ostracize or attack you.  This is a lesson every nerd learns in kindergarten or whenever else they get thrown in with a pack of baby mundanes.

Now, I love astrophysics and don't give a flying fuck about pop culture.  Eventually, I found other folks who also enjoy these topics.  But such people are few and far between.  Most people are not big-picture thinkers.  Being that way tends to set you apart.  I'm smooth with that.  I just understand that I'm no more likely to change other people's interests than they are mine.
Tags: networking, space exploration
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