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Monday Update 3-30-20

These are some posts from the later part of last week in case you missed them:
Fighting the Obesity Epidemic
Community Building Tip: Infrastructure T-shirts
Avocado Cartels
Stoic Exercises
Lost Fantasia: The Disappearance of Sunflower
Disaster Response Game
History of Roleplaying
Self-Awareness Question: Coping Skills
Fruit and Vegetable Leathers
Cuddle Party

I am hosting an Arts and Crafts Festival to connect sellers with buyers. Please spread the word.

Poetry in Microfunding:

There are two open epics at present.

"To Be Something Stronger and Better" belongs to Polychrome Heroics: Shiv. Tolli, Shiv, and Caroline hang out in the workshop after the sculpture show.

"Pride Against Prejudice" belongs to Polychrome Heroics. Find out what happened to Aconite.

The weather has been mild here, and it rained several times. Seen at the birdfeeders this week: a large flock of  blackbirds, a flock of mourning doves, a flock of sparrows, several cardinals, several dark-eyed juncos, several house finches, a couple of robins, a downy woodpecker, a squirrel, and a rabbit. Currently blooming: snowdrops, Cornelian cherry dogwood, crocus, daffodils, forsythia.  Apricot has buds but they are not open yet. I have a shipment of plants waiting to be put out, and it's nice today so I plan to start on that project.

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