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Wind and Rain

 Yesterday was mostly rainy.  Today was howling wind.  I have a new package of plants that I haven't even opened to keep the light off them.

So that got me thinking, this is a good time of year to track those factors in your yard.  Is it generally windy, or does it have "wind tunnel" spots?  Choose plants that can cope with it.  Wind is drying, so if you need to cover a large area, consider a dryland wildflower mix.  These plants have massive root systems that anchor them -- and your topsoil -- against the wind.

Does your yard have wet spots?  Most do.  Plant water-tolerant species there.  Is it really  soggy, especially near downspouts or low areas that water drains into after a rain?  Consider a rain garden.  Large area?  Look at these wetland seed mixes.  You could even choose more than one for different patches.

In both cases, prefer native plants.  They're adapted to your local environment and will help wildlife.  Exotic ornamentals tend to be more delicate, which is the opposite of helpful in harsh conditions.

Think about these things as you consider what to plant this year.  
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