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Remembering Dreams

This article has some good ideas.  

Some others include:

* Pay attention to your thoughts as you fall asleep.  Most people find that theirs slow down and drift further apart.  This dissolution is the reverse of what happens when you wake up, because then your thoughts coalesce.  Studying the downward, outward motion helps you understand the upward, inward motion so you can retain more.

* When you dream, pay attention to the symbolism.  A dream dictionary can get you started, but they're usually quite mainstream.  Dreams have cultural and personal variations.  A snake does not mean the same to a Christian as it does to a Pagan!  Thinking about the messages in your dreams will help you communicate with your subconscious.

* If you know other folks who are interested in such things, make a habit of sharing your dreams.

* Understand that modern Americans suck at dreaming.  Other cultures are much better at it.  Consider exploring those, because they have a LOT more information.
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