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Chickpea Butter

Half of a good idea: create a peanut butter alternative from chickpeas.

The problem is, they don't REALLY want to help people with allergies enjoy food.  If they did, they'd release the recipe, you know, like allergy-friendly magazines do.  What they really want to do is make a product, and sell it for money.  Probably a lot of money, if you've seen how allergy-free food costs half again to twice as much as everything else.  For people with allergies, control of their food supply is essential to sanity and hard to come by.  They need to be able to make their own food.  

But hey, at least now they know that a chickpea butter can be made to resemble peanut butter.  That means allergy-free cooks, who are ingenious, can experiment on their own.
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