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Fruit and Vegetable Leathers

Fruit leathers are everywhere, but it's harder to find vegetable leathers. I did find this collection with recipes for tomato leather and onion leather. Here are some for winter squash leather -- which sounds like a nicer version of the dried squash strips traditional in Turtle Island -- berry spinach, apple spinach, apple sweet potato, apple pumpkin, apple berry zucchini, zucchini celery any fruit (no such thing as too much zucchini!), beet, and carrot.

While it is easier to make leather with a dehydrator, you can do it in the oven.  Use the lowest setting, leave the door open, and check it every half hour or so.

Since we got the Vitamix, which blends everything beautifully, I might try this come summer.  If I like the sample results, I would consider buying a dehydrator to speed up the process.
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