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Tahini Recipes

These recipes include how to make tahini and what to do with it after you make it.  

Note that, like hummus, tahini can be considered a base for algorithmic combinations: 

* When making tahini, throw in any flavorful blendable vegetable, such as sun-dried tomatoes or roasted green peppers.  In addition to changing the flavors, many of these will make a bright-colored dip or spread.

* Put plain tahini in a dip bowl, then pour on a layer of flavorful fat and a layer of spice blend.  

* Put tahini in the bottom of a lunch bowl and then add bowl toppings.  Stir and eat.

* For a portable snack, put tahini in the bottom of a cup and stick things in it -- meat sticks, cheese sticks, long crackers, vegetable straws, whatever.

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