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Pantry Staples

 ... for Greek cuisine.

Note that most lists of pantry staples are either generic (rice, canned vegetables) or American.  But every cuisine has things that make it what it is, from uncommon base ingredients to particular spices.  So if you want to cook ethnic food, you need a list for their pantry staples; and if you want to explore fusion cuisine, you need several such sets, preferably from far-flung places.

Here at Fieldhaven we have a good range of European/American things, East Indian, Native American, African, Middle Eastern, and also a generous selection of spice blends from around the world because we'll pick up darn near anything that sounds interesting -- including blends we've never heard of if we like most of the ingredients.  We are especially fond of riffing a base concept (meatloaf, quiche, bread pudding, etc.) across multiple cuisines.  Hence my project Around the World in 80 Meatloaves.
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