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Cloning Monkeys

I stumbled across this reference to China cloning monkeys.  If they can clone monkeys, they can clone humans.

Researchers say they wouldn't do that on ethical grounds.  But China is organlegging, so their "ethical high ground" is so far down a mineshaft they need an elevator to find it.  :/  Which is to say, someone has probably already done it by now, and the rest of the world will find out after the fact. 

Consider also that China is in a severe population crunch that they foolishly started a few decades back, and now they're critically short of women in particular.  (I fucking told you so.)  If they thought cloning would get them out of this problem, I don't think they'd hesitate to do it.  And then, of course, they'd run into all the usual problems with cloned babies, such as poor health and the expense of finding someone to raise them.
Tags: ethnic studies, news, science
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