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Would humans evolve again?

 ... if life were rewound?

Well, something  sapient emerges on any hospital world if it goes long enough without the biosphere getting bashed flat by volcanoes, comets, or other calamities.  Life tends toward complexity.

However, there's no guarantee it would be Homo sapiens.  It could as easily have been Neanderthals, Denisovans, that that other species we fucked that we don't even know the name of yet, or any of the many other branches on the primate tree.  Or some other other species altogether, such as mammoths or raccoons, ants or squid, or some of the smarter dinosaurs if it hadn't been for that untimely cataclysm. 

Wind it clear back to the Cambrian and you can see all kinds  of bizarre directions life might have gone.  Okay, the biosphere was frankly frobbing at that stage -- making everything imaginable and just letting the results duke it out to see which designs worked better.  Some clearly made more sense than others.  But a lot of what died or lived came down to random chance.

Never doubt the ability to life to find a way.  But don't expect the game to play the same way twice.
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