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New Crowdfunding Project: I Was a Teenage Creature

Another update!

Lowering Stretch Goals! 

Posted by Ninjacat

Mar 20, 2020  View on Kickstarter

We've Done It...Let's Do Some More!

By way of apology for failing to inform our backing public that this
campaign is not using a pledge manager (..and just because we're really
excited to have made our funding goal!) we've decided to lower the
thresholds on both the Stretch Goals AND the Alternate Creature Type

We're dropping the Stretch Goal thresholds from every $250 over goal to
every $150 instead, meaning we have reached the first Stretch Goal and
unlocked the INCURSION scenario! INCURSION is the story of the Dark Alpha
attempting to seize Signal Lakes as the territory for its Pack, now that
the O'Brien Pack has been slain. Can the local Teenage Creatures repel
such a powerful threat? Will they be able to keep their paranormal secrets
from their human family and friends in the process? Will the Dark Alpha
bite and turn their loved ones into members of its Pack, maybe even
turning the Teenage Creature's closest loved ones into their enemies?

-Play the scenario to find out!

In addition to lowering the additional scenario thresholds, we're also
lowering the Alternate Creature Type revelation thresholds to every
additional $100 over goal the campaign reaches! We've already crossed the
first extra $100, so we're revealing the Alternate Creature Type connected
to RAGE:

Zombies are something like a cross between Ghosts and Vampires...they are
undead, like Vampires, but rather than having a spark of unlife fueled by
the consumption of human blood, which keeps their undead body from
rotting, a Zombie's spirit was so consumed by RAGE when they died that
instead of Moving On or becoming a Ghost motivated by some FEAR, they
possessed their own corpse, using their body as their Anchor just as they
did when alive...except their body is now dead (and rotting.) Zombies are
not unholy like Vampires, because both their soul and spirit are bound to
their corpse, motivated by the RAGE that drives them. Every Zombie shifts
back and forth between their "normal" human form and their rotten Zombie
state, something like a Vampire does, but the conditions that cause a
Zombie to shift can be different from one Zombie to the next. When
fulfilling the motivation of their RAGE, a Zombie is nigh-unstoppable;
they ignore most physical concerns, including pain, relentlessly pursuing
their goal, even with significant portions of their body blown off in the
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