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New Crowdfunding Project: I Was a Teenage Creature

I Was a Teenage Creature has reached its goal. \o/  There's still time to hit the stretch goals and they're tightly packed, so if you're interested in this game, now's the time to chip in.

$5,128 pledged of $5,000 goal
123 backers
7 hours to go

Success! We Did It! – Goal Reached! ============= Hurrah, we have
reached our funding goal, and there is still almost 12 hours to go! We can
reach a Stretch Goal or two with a last-minute push, so keep spreading the
word! And even if we don't make it that much farther, it's still
super-exciting to have gotten this far. Thank You to EVERYONE for all your
efforts, and we'll see see how far we can get! I WAS A TEENAGE CREATURE is
coming to be! =========================================

For every $250 more than the campaign goal of $5,000 that IWATC's funding reaches, we will reveal one of the eight Alternate Creature Types and include an adventure/"episode" module with all pledges of $15 or more as a free PDF. Each Alternate Creature Type will be released as an independent splatbook expansion PDF, but if we double our funding goal and reach $10,000 the Alternate Creature Types will be released in one combined expansion book, in both PDF and Print On Demand formats.

The first Stretch Goal waiting to be unlocked is:
$5250 - Episode "Incursion" Emotion: Rage

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