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Stilt Studios

These little houses can be put up and taken down quickly, with minimal damage to the environment. 

I can see two awesome possibilities already:

1) Rent them to artists on vacation or sabatical.  Check into the facility, pick out your house, wander around until you find an unoccupied site with views you like, have someone come out and set up your house.  Stay and make some art.  When you leave, the house gets packed up for the next person.  \o/

2) Hurricane coming!  No problem.  Everyone packs up their house, puts it and their stuff into one hardened structure for storage, then shelters in another facility.  Afterwards, go rake the debris off the ground and put your house back up.  A brilliant improvement over the old Japanese custom of building with ricepaper and bamboo, as you do not actually have to rebuild your house, just reassemble it.  :D
Tags: crafts, networking, safety
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