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Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets have many extra uses.

However, not all dryers sheets are the same.  They have three basic compositions: spongelike, clothlike, and paperlike.  Some are better at different tasks.  Spongelike is best for padding, clothlike for filtering, paperlike for firestarting, and so on. 

The type and intensity of ingredients matters a lot, too.  More natural ingredients and milder scent means lower chance of mishaps.  There are only a few brands I can use at all, but I find that I can reuse the sheets in the dryer a second time for a small load (or several used sheets for a larger load).

I most often use old dryer sheets to line pots or otherwise filter things, pack stuff, or make burnable sachets.  Our latest discovery for ritual use is to make sachets with a written intent on paper and a spoonful of fire-color granules tied up in a dryer sheet.  \o/  They have enough heft to aim well, unlike loose paper, and the granules make vivid colors.
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