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Homesteading Online

Here's a discussion of homesteading online: ways to work from home in a rural area.

Remember our exploration in the Rutledge thread of jobs that can be done from anywhere and jobs particular to a given locale?  These are the kinds of things you want to focus on for that pursuit.  These are things that would greatly relieve a lot of America's problems including overcrowded cities and depopulating countrysides.  Why live in a filthy, expensive city when you could live in a much cleaner, cheaper small town or rural area?  Why work in an ugly office building when you could work in a cozy home office ... or take your toys outside and work in a forest or a meadow of wildflowers.  Fewer and fewer jobs require  a facetime workplace.  We just need to put the pieces together.
Tags: crafts, cyberspace theory, economics, how to, life lessons, networking
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