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Improve Soil to Store Carbon

Healthy soil stores more carbon than depleted soil. 

Hell, anyone can make soil.  Learn how to make healthy soil.  There are many ways to make compost.  This requires the right mix of brown/carbon and green/nitrogen ingredients.  Happily for our carbon sequestration goals, you need a lot more browns than greens.  In particular, once your compost is ready to use, you can fork in some wood chips to lock more carbon underground where they will decompose slower, absorb moisture, and release nutrients over time.  Just put another layer of fine compost on top if you plan to plant things in it.

Regarding manure, the basic advice is not to use any from carnivores or omnivores, for various reasons; but if it's shit, it can be composted.  If you're willing to get more technical, it is challenging but not impossible to run a very hot compost pile at home that can kill any potential problems.  Another option is pit composting, where you dump everything into a deep hole, cap it with a layer of soil, and then plant (preferably inedible) things in the clean top layer.  See The Humanure Handbook for ideas.
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