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 ... can reduce depression, anxiety, and chronic pain.  Presumably crochet and other fibercrafts have similar effects.

Imagine if counseling offices had supplies for this.  "Here is our cabinet of coping supplies.  A guide to which items are recommended for which conditions is on the door.  The most popular for depression and anxiety is knitting.  You can get a free bag of supplies with knitting needles, patterns, and enough yarn to make at least one project."  That's $5-10 of materials retail, depending on exact contents, and quite a lot less if you bought them wholesale. 

*ponder*  Hell, someone should just create a charity that hands out free fibercraft supplies to people with these problems.  Any fibercraft store could put up a display where folks could donate stuff to be packaged and handed out at local clinics or at the store itself.  Do you know someone with these problems?  Buy a knit kit to show them that you care.  This could help the stores by encouraging more people to take up a constructive hobby, too.

There's a reason crafters have memes like "Knitting is cheaper than therapy -- plus you get warm things!"  Nothing will fix everything, but many people find that this hobby helps a lot.
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