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Poem: "Like Little Fish"

This is the perk poem for the March 3, 2020 Poetry Fishbowl reaching its $150 goal. It was inspired by the "Fish" square in my 1-1-20 card for the Less Usual Bingo Patterns fest. This poem belongs to the Arts and Crafts America series.

Warning: This poem deals with multiple miscarriages.

"Like Little Fish"

Deedra crochets to forget about the pain.

She has actually lost count of
how many miscarriages she's had,
because some months she's been late
and then had a heavy flow, and does it
really count if she wasn't even sure that
she was pregnant in the first place?

It doesn't matter, though. She
loves all of them anyway.

The babies come and go
like little fish, flashing through
her life almost too fast to see,
but not too fast to feel.

A few of them stayed
just long enough to wriggle
for a few weeks before
they slipped away.

Deedra learned
to crochet during
the support group
after the first time,
and she has kept up
ever since then.

She never crochets
for herself, though,
and especially never
for her own babies.

Instead, she crochets
for the ones in need.

She makes booties for
the infants abandoned at
the hospital, for orphans
who survived accidents that
killed their parents, for those
newly taken into foster care.

Deedra crochets booties
that spiral around the toe
and then rise into cuffs
festooned with fish scales.

She makes and makes
in memory of her little ones,
wishing she could keep
one of her own, but glad
for the chance to help
those who are here.

These babies need
someone who knows
the taste of tears.

* * *


These are Crocodile Scale Booties. I couldn't find a free pattern for them in text. Here are tutorials and patterns for Crocodile Stitch in general, and a video about how to make Crocodile Stitch Booties.
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