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So now children are afraid of nature, even desirable parts like butterflies, and some say their parents are too, so it's not all that new.

This is biophobia, an unreasoning fear or hatred of nature.  It leads people to avoid or destroy living things.  And this is absolutely lethal.  If it spreads too far, it will destroy the species, because humankind cannot live on a dead planet.  We probably wouldn't even survive a serious hit to the biosphere, as mice could, because we are large apex animals that require a lot of food to sustain.

This is what we get from decades of moving people from rural to urban areas and imprisoning children so they cannot explore nature and learn to love it.  If they don't love it, they'll fear it; and if they fear it, we're all fucked.  People destroy what they fear, and we can't live without nature.

I fucking told you so.
Tags: family skills, nature, news, safety
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