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Creative Tacos

You can put darn near anything on a taco

I favor two approaches:

* Add individual, novel ingredients to a standard taco bar like corn relish alongside salsa or chive blossoms alongside chopped onions.

* Transmute the entire concept to a different cuisine.
Tortilla -> naan
Ground beef -> chicken tikka
Cheese -> paneer
Sour cream -> yogurt or raita
Mexican chili powder -> Indian red or green masala, shadrasa masala, etc.
Cilantro stays the same

Additionally, a taco bar can be as healthy as the ingredients.  You can put almost any vegetable on a taco.  Some, like eggplant or mushroom, will substitute for meat.  Beans + rice = complete protein.  Lots of fermented live foods such as pickles, yogurt, and cheese work great.  It's basically just a salad in a bread wrapper.

Use your imagination.  Fusion cuisine is one of the few cultural exchanges we haven't fucked up.
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