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Sex and Finance

 Normal people are so insecure.  *eyeroll*

My partner and I have swapped breadwinning capacity several times over the years.  We have been eternally grateful that at least one of us was usually able to put the beans on the table.  It is much better than being broke because you had all your eggs in one basket.

But then, we're complementary in a lot of ways.  This one con, I was doing panels all day, but my partner had gotten permission to go behind the scenes of the costume contest, because they had a room for photographers to shoot the contestants, to cut down on traffic jams.  Really brilliant.  So there I was, crawling around on the floor fetching things out of the camera bag, and shocking people who'd seen me sit panel earlier.  In writing, he's my entourage; in photography, I'm his entourage.  Situational authority.

I feel sorry for people who can't do this.

Sexism really can fuck you up.
Tags: economics, family skills, gender studies, networking
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