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Fighting for Health

First Nations constantly fight for health, because their supplies and personnel mostly come from outside sources.

Here's the problem with that: governments want them to die.  It's an ongoing genocide; it's not an accident.  It doesn't matter what you are owed, it only matters what you can get.  You can't force abusers to take good care of you.  They want you to suffer and die so you stop bothering them.  You can either keep trying to wring blood out of a stone, or you can admit they want you to die and go take care of yourselves instead.  The First Nations are not going to get good health care until either they do it themselves, or the governments chance into decent human institutions.  I predict the first of those options is much more plausible and prompt than the second.  It sucks to be cheated out of what you're owed, but relying on abusers is a path to destruction.
Tags: ethnic studies, news, safety
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