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Featured Community: Householding

Most folks on LiveJournal belong to a bunch of communities. Some of the good ones are kind of obscure. The "Featured Community" meme encourages people to share their favorite communities.

  1. Cite a community that you enjoy. 
  2. Summarize its purpose and parameters. 
  3. Invite your audience to join the community and/or reply with their favorite communities.

Today's featured community is: householding
It explores communal living, primarily people living in a shared house with unrelated children and adults. The community features discussions of budgeting, food, chores, interpersonal dynamics, moving, pets & livestock, territory, and other issues. Part of the inspiration for this is to create a repository of group-living skills and knowledge useful in a time when more people are living together for practical reasons. This is a relatively new community, so traffic is still low; I would really like to see it gain momentum. So far there are about two dozen members. If you are (or have been, or would like to be) in a communal living situation, please consider joining and posting there.
Tags: community, family skills, meme, networking, pimp a friend
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