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Vegan BBQ Recipes

Here are some vegan BBQ recipes.

However, I struggle with the concept of grilling as inherently alienating for herbivores.  There are vast caches of recipes for grilling fruits and vegetablesSkewer ALL the things! That's before getting into the above recipes for veggie burgers and kebabs and such.  

Plus we live in an age of stupendous luxury for grilling tools.  No more fucking around with a toasting fork or scrounging around for enough green sticks to make a grill.  You can just buy open grill baskets, closed grill baskets, skewers, and all kinds of other marvelous toys.  This is one of the few things modern society does ridiculously well, so smoke 'em while you got 'em!

A grill is just a tool; you can cook damn near anything on it.  Humans have been grilling everything we could get their hands on for many thousands of years.  If you are a herbivore and you feel alienated by grilling, your carnivore friends are assholes.  There's nothing wrong with grilling, you just need new friends and maybe some new recipes.

Accessibility tip for large groups: if you have some people who eat X (meat, pork, nightshades, whatever) and some who can't or won't, it is helpful to obtain grills in different colors so they can be color-coded as to what does or does not get cooked on them.  Frex, red grills for all meats, black grills for halal/kosher meats (no pork), green grills for vegetarian (no meats), yellow grills for vegetables other than nightshades, etc.  You can color-code the tools for each grill in the same way.  Then you just put up signs describing your code.  This has the advantage of breaking up the lines so you're not trying to funnel 200 people past 2 grills with everything on them.  Break it up, and not only do more people get to enjoy the BBQ, everyone gets their food faster.  \o/

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