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Would you shoot an albino deer?

This question is fascinating because it has different answers depending on which ethical stance and hunting purpose you prefer:

* It is illegal to shoot albino game, or indeed any atypical game, in some areas.
-> Don't shoot the albino deer if albino game is protected there.

* Conservation preserves wildlife so humans can enjoy it.  This encourages people to fall in love with wildlife and do more to preserve it.  Albinos are rare and interesting.  If you believe that hunting is an adjunct to conservation...
-> Don't shoot the albino deer.

* Albinos are genetic aberrations that usually have other problems, such as vision deficiencies.  One purpose of predation is to clean such problems out of the gene pool so they don't spread and weaken the species.  Humans have removed most other predators.  If you believe that human hunters replace wolves/cougars/etc. ...
-> Shoot the albino deer.

* Albinos are similar in most regards to others of their species, so they can be eaten safely. Some people hunt for food.
-> If you're hungry, shoot the albino deer, it is perfectly edible.

* Albinos are rare and in many traditions considered sacred.  All parts of them are holy and precious.  You can keep some parts for yourself and give or trade others to more people.  However, there are often special requirements before anyone is allowed to harvest white spirit animals, and some traditions ban the practice.
-> If allowed, follow your traditions of prayer/ritual/etc. and then shoot the albino deer.
-> If banned, follow your traditions for having seen an albino deer and let it go.
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