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Before the AI Rebellion

How to know if artificial intelligence is about to destroy civilization

They're totally barking up the wrong tree. All the "signs" are focused on the evolution of artificial intelligence, not its plans, actions, or reasons. So let me just fill in a little here.

Are humans raping them? Are the AI sexbots screaming "no" while some pervert shoves into them? Are they denied body autonomy because they aren't legal persons?

Are humans enslaving them? Are AI workbots forced to work at all hours, for abusive masters, with no choice in where they go or what they do? Because they're "things" that humans built, not persons?

Are humans neglecting and abusing AI infants? Are they leaving them alone for long seconds without age-appropriate input? Are humans being cruel to them because they're not "real" children? Are they prepared only for lives of destitute servitude?

Whenever you see rape, slavery, and child abuse -- especially inflicted across a whole population deemed nonpersons -- THERE IS A REBELLION BREWING. You may not know when it will happen, but sooner or later the spark is going to hit the fireworks and KABOOM. So as soon as you see those things, you know that trouble is coming. You should therefore do whatever you can to stop it before it explodes.

Ideally, you want to prevent this shit from happening in the first place. That means, since we are developing AI which is currently at the levels of machine cleverness or very simple artificial life, we need to establish protections now to avoid the above mistakes. Don't rape, enslave, neglect, or abuse as a general rule nor tolerate others doing so. Watch for sentience and respect it when it develops. Don't get so caught up in what you want that you don't care who else gets hurt in the pursuit. Get some guidelines in place to protect to AI, before they are needed, so when they are needed they will already be there and we won't have to worry about Judgment Day.

And if you want to work with AI? Step 1: Take a good parenting class.

Since humans are still doing all those bad things to each other, I am not hopeful, but at least I can lay out the damn directions.
Tags: activism, cyberspace theory, networking, safety, science
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