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The Vocabulary of Writing

theferrett has posted about "lipsticking," trying to fix a bad scene by tinkering with the words.

Here are two terms that I use about writing:

bug spot problem -- a situation when the writing draws attention to itself. Writing should usually be transparent, so that the reader's attention goes through it to the story. If the writing becomes a distraction, that's like bug spots on a window.

doorknob problem -- a situation in which the linchpin scene of a story does not work properly due to some kind of structural issue. When a particular scene is crucial to the success of an entire story, but is not able to hold up that much weight, that causes a fatal error in the story as a whole; and it's a difficult thing to fix. The name comes from a revision session focused on a scene that prominently featured a doorknob.

What are some terms that you use about writing?
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