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Notes for "Doing Business with Lead-Pipe Cruelty"

These are the notes for "Doing Business with Lead-Pipe Cruelty."

"Six figures, doing business with lead-pipe cruelty, mercenery sensibility."
-- Grosse Pointe Blank

The water quality in Lincoln, Nebraska is terrible. Leaded water can cause lead poisoning with all kinds of dire results.

1925 -- Terramagne-America set an enforceable standard for lead in drinking water, with an action level of 0.1 mg/L. Some cities immediately pursued safer water supplies. Others ignored it, but ferreting out violations nationwide proved very tedious, and they still haven't achieved reliable safety everywhere.

In local-America, the U.S. Public Health Service published a non-enforceable standard for lead in 1925, consisting of a tolerance limit of 0.1 mg/L.

1986 -- The Safe Drinking Water Act banned all use of lead equipment for water systems, set more stringent rules for monitoring public water, and raised penalties for providing unpotable water through public systems. Furthermore, old lead was supposed to be removed and replaced to ensure safe water, following a phase plan, with allowances (e.g. tax credits, grants) for home or business owners and municipalities to cover the added expense. Despite this, not everyone replaced lead pipes, or even learned that they were supposed to. The law was vigorously promoted for about 5 years, casually promoted for another 5, and after that people largely forgot about it assuming the work was done. Providers are considered guilty if a problem is proven to exist and has existed for longer than the most recent safety check, or if they fail to fix it promptly. Falsifying reports, skipping reports, hiding a problem, refusing to fix it, or conspiring to do any of the above are all additional crimes.

In local-America, the 1986 Safe Drinking Water Act amendments defined "lead-free" plumbing (which was not actually made with 0% lead) and prohibited the use of plumbing for public water supply that did not meet the new definition. The amendments also required EPA to set standards limiting the concentration of lead in public water systems.

Shiv's increasing interest in metallurgy has introduced him to many different ways to write or draw metals, including both scientific and alchemical examples.

Lead can be written in various ways, including these alchemical symbols.

Ammunition metals vary in price and performance. Efforts to promote non-lead ammunition have run into trouble because replacements are all more expensive -- sometimes ruinously so -- and performance varies a lot. Some premium replacements actually outperform lead, but many people cannot afford them. This is especially true for practice, which benefits from mass repetition, which requires affordable ammunition. That not only undermines the number of people who hunt, it undermines the skill of remaining hunters which runs up the number of nonlethal hits and thus animal suffering. Reduction of hunting removes a valuable food source and critical funding for conservation which relies heavily on revenues from hunters. In T-America, superpowers add further concerns. Zetetic formulae and models often have elements that cannot be replaced without losing function, and vulnerabilities are specific. So people still use lead shot for some purposes, despite its toxicity.
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