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Election Problems

"Everything that could go wrong" this is not, and in fact, overlooks some very serious problems already occurring.  These include, but are still not limited to, voter purges, restrictive ID, gerrymandering, disenfranchisement, discrimination, and lines so long people can't vote.

And let's not forget that voters decide nothing but who to get fucked by, because America is provably not a democracy, but rather an oligarchy and/or a plutocracy depending how to you prefer to define the people actually making shit happen.

So no, I don't really respect the system or expect it to deliver accurate election results.  This has nothing to do with outside agents and everything to do with America having its head up its ass.  I still vote, and encourage other people to vote, but that's more about making the bastards work for it than believing it's honest.  Would I wait through a long line?  No.  It's not worth enough anymore.  I can literally have more practical impact with storytelling.

However, if we work on the infrastructure, some of this shit can be fixed, and there are millions of people who want to make the election system work better.  Sometimes that pans out, so it's worth pursuing.
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