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Voting Rights

Know your theoretical voting rights.   What you can actually  do varies greatly, as America practices a great deal of voter suppression and abuse.  But it helps to have a copy of the official claimed rights.

I recommend that you:

* Check now whether you are registered.  

* If you are not, do so now.

* Know the election calendar for 2020.

* Study political parties in America.  There are parties to suit all tastes, but not all parties are treated equally.  

* Research issues and candidates.

* Agitate for fair voting.

* Don't expect anyone else to do their damn job right.  If you care about voting, go to your courthouse or election office in person and verify that you are registered to vote, when and where to do so, what the equipment will be and how to use it.  If you will need assistance, verify the process for that too.  Ideally, get it in writing, with a date and the name of the person helping you.  If they won't do that for you, write down the same information yourself.  This will be useful if someone later tries to screw you out of your voting rights.

Vote.com has more resources.  
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