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Notes for "In Some Home Neighborhood"

These are the notes for "In Some Home Neighborhood."

Ruthie Willoughby -- She has pale skin, gray eyes, and short shaggy gray hair. She wears glasses. She is 66 years old in 2015. Ruthie lives in the Lake Bottoms neighborhood of Lincoln, Nebraska not far from the lair of the Broken Angels, where she runs the bakery Peachy Keen Pies. She is married with two adult sons, one a chef and the other a businessman, and four grandchildren, although none of them see her very often. She likes taking care of people and pays attention to what's going on in the neighborhood around her.
Qualities: Good (+2) Baker, Good (+2) Generous, Good (+2) Grandmother, Good (+2) Kinesthetic Intelligence, Good (+2) Stamina
Poor (-2) Needs Glasses

Georgianna "Jee-Jee" Cozzens -- She has fair skin, brown eyes, and shoulder-length hair streaked in shades of lighter and darker blonde. She is 25 years old in 2015. Jee-Jee is a stay-at-home mom with a husband (27), three sons (5, 4, 3) and a daughter (Paisley, 1). That makes it hard to stretch the family budget far enough to cover everything they need. However, Jee-Jee loves helping out around the neighborhood, so folks around them pitch in when needed.
Qualities: Good (+2) Civics, Good (+2) Cook, Good (+2) Emotional Intelligence, Good (+2) Energetic, Good (+2) Mother
Poor (-2) Big Family, Small Budget

Willie Singleton -- He has dark chocolate skin and black eyes. He had nappy black hair but is almost entirely bald now. He is thin and wiry. He is 71 years old in 2015. Willie lives in the North Bottoms neighborhood of Lincoln, Nebraska not far from the lair of the Broken Angels. He knows both North Bottoms and Lake Bottoms very well. He never married and has no family, so he lives alone. Willie used to work as a short-order cook, and still enjoys cooking at home. He is now retired because age is slowing him down. He doesn't need much sleep anymore, though, and keeps an eye on the neighborhood at night.
Qualities: Good (+2) Cook, Good (+2) Interpersonal Intelligence, Good (+2) Knows the Neighborhood, Good (+2) Needs Little Sleep, Good (+2) Practical
Poor (-2) Slowing Down with Age

Oretta Dabney -- She has fair skin, brown eyes, and short ash-brown hair going gray. She is 94 years old in 2015. She is a widow; all her children and grandchildren have moved out of city, although they do pay for a visiting nurse to come once a week. Oretta lives in the North Bottoms neighborhood of Lincoln, Nebraska not far from the lair of the Broken Angels. She used to teach elementary school and still loves children, so she crochets things to donate to kids in need. Often she gives things to her friends and neighbors, too. Oretta's health is declining, but she still enjoys walking around the neighborhood as much as she can.
Qualities: Good (+2) Crochet, Good (+2) Grandmother, Good (+2) Retired Teacher, Good (+2) Visual-Spatial Intelligence, Good (+2) Walking
Poor (-2) Fading Health

Stonewall Joe (José "Auntie Jo" Viejo) -- She has tinted skin and brown eyes. Her long wavy hair started out ash-brown and is turning gray. Auntie Jo identifies as a Hispanic transvestite. She speaks English, French, and Spanish, with an extensive and creative grasp of profanity. She was 16 in 1969, and is 62 in 2015. Her birthday is June 28. Currently Auntie Jo lives in the Lake Bottoms neighborhood of Lincoln, Nebraska not far from the lair of the Broken Angels.
José was born male and raised as a boy. However, he felt a compelling attraction to women's clothes. Not women: just their clothes. As a gay teen, he experimented more and more with crossdressing, and became quite convincing as a drag queen. When his parents found out at 15, they kicked him out of the house. He became a prostitute to support himself, and began presenting en femme most of the time. She became quite successful at it. For her sixteenth birthday, she secured a fake ID as female and 18 under the name Joie Villeneuve, thanks to her mob contacts, then went out to celebrate at the Stonewall Inn.
At the time of the Stonewall rebellion, Joie was just dressing up with fake boobs. Later on, she got a boob job, but kept her male genitals, a very popular configuration in prostitutes sometimes called a "one-stop-shop." She uses feminine pronouns, but does not consider herself actually a woman. This was more common in her time than it is now, when people generally use different terms and often make different choices. But she doesn't feel a need to change who she is to please other people. Take it or leave it, man. She is more than a bit hot-tempered, and threw one of the first bricks in the Battle of Stonewall Alley.
Auntie Jo has fantastic fashion sense. She refers to her fashion season as "melting winter." She has warm, tinted skin but cool, ash-brown hair now streaked with gray and white. She looks great in black, eggshell, warm grays, muddy browns, shadowy blues and purples, bougainvillea pinks and oranges, lime green, and all the shades of turquoise from blue to green. It's the palette of winter melting into spring. It looks like it shouldn't work at all, but it really does.
A talented leatherworker, Auntie Jo serves the kink, queer, and cape communities through a shop called Hide / Bound. She makes custom leather, including costumes for any color cape, under the name Stonewall Joe.
Qualities: Master (+6) Intrapersonal Intelligence, Master (+6) Retired Prostitute, Expert (+4) Leatherworker, Expert (+4) Sassy, Expert (+4) Transvestite, Good (+2) Activist, Good (+2) Fashion Sense, Good (+2) Mob Connections, Good (+2) Still Beautiful, Good (+2) Street Fighting
Poor (-2) Hot Temper

viejo m (plural viejos, feminine vieja, feminine plural viejas)
1. an old person
Synonyms: anciano, adulto mayor (euphemism)
2. (slang) old man (one's father) quotations ▼
3. (Mexico) a certain guy or man, especially adult or almost
Me gusta el viejo de bigote. ― I like the guy with moustache.
Los tacos más ricos son los del viejo de camisa negra. ― The most delicious tacos are those sold by the guy with black shirt.
No quiero viejos groseros en mi fiesta. ― I do not want impolite, discourteous men in my party.
4. (Mexico) sweetheart, honey (substitute for a male name)
Ya regresé, viejo. ― I'm back, sweetheart.
5. (Mexico) a male sexual companion or partner, occasional or stable; husband

The Stonewall riots began on the morning of June 28, 1969, at the Stonewall Inn in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City. Transvestites and people of color played a large role.

* * *

"When the world seems large and complex, we need to remember that great world ideals all begin in some home neighborhood."
-- Konrad Adenauer

The entrance to Peachy Keen Pies leads past the pie window so people can chose from pies to go if they want. A small, crowded dining room offers a place to eat. It displays paintings and photographs by local artists. The dottie has a bicycle theme.

Stairs lead up to the apartments above the bakery. Ruthie's apartment includes an open-plan kitchen, dining room, and living room. The common bathroom has a sink, toilet, and shower. The master bedroom has an ensuite with two sinks, a bathtub, and a toilet. This hallway with a large linen closet leads to the second bedroom.

The third floor has two studio apartments each with a kitchen, bathroom, and living area.

Hide / Bound has a front workshop with everyday leather items such as purses and briefcases. The dottie includes a toilet and a sink. The back room has a huge assortment of leather for kink, queer, and cape communities. This rainbow wallet is one example.

Auntie Jo lives above the shop. The apartment has a great room, a bathroom, and a bedroom.

Saturday, October 17, 2015 -- Babysitting Safety and First Aid (5 1/2 hours) Cas

While this description of dominance theory is largely negative, it does mention that dominants can increase loyalty among subordinates by giving them things. In a healthy power exchange, both parties benefit because their cooperation increases the total resources available to the tribe. Compare with the Tit for Tat strategy in which cooperation outperforms competition. You can see that Boss Batir tried to hold power by brute force, which eventually failed; while Faster Blaster is consolidating his power by handouts, already resulting in other people bringing him more goodies.

Enjoy a recipe for Kitchen Sink Cookies (267 calories x 20 servings = 5,340 total). This collection of The Best Cookies from Every State lists Chewy Honey Cookies for Nebraska (no calorie listed).

Creamy Chicken Casserole (712 calories x 6 servings = 4,272 total)

Cinnamon Sugar Apple Pie (633 calories x 8 pieces = 5,064 calories per pie)
This is similar to the Cinnamon Slam, but Ruthie uses rather more cinnamon.

The Best Old-Fashioned Carrot Cake (812 calories x 10 pieces = 8,120 total)

See Faster Blaster's blue striped scarf from Oretta and get the pattern.

En homme means "as a man" and en femme means "as a woman." Transgender and transvestite people use these terms to describe their gender presentation, especially those who switch back and forth.

This is Faster Blaster's hunter hat from Auntie Jo.

Intentional neighboring helps people think of themselves and others as capable, by emphasizing an exchange of favors rather than forcing people with special needs to take charity. This is much healthier for elders, people with disabilities, and other vulnerable residents.
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