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I spotted this gorgeous picture and wanted to talk about it. 

The palette is primarily red, yellow, and green plus the blue sky.  The vivid red flowers in the courtyard echo the softer red tiles of the roof.  The whole compound is nestled in a forest of palm trees, with a green lawn for activities.  In the background, the church has a huge mural and stained glass windows, which also use soft bright colors.  

The geometry is crisp and elegant, repeating classic curves and angles through arches and pathways.  Look at the size of the paths: that center line is probably 6' wide and the smaller side paths 4' wide to provide both visual interest and different traffic flows.  The shady, breezy galleries invite people to stroll between buildings in comfort.  Another piece of public art, the statues in the courtyard, have an inviting human scale.  It's the one thing which is dramatically asymmetrical, adding interest.

It's just beautiful, all around, a wonderful place to go.  Contrast this with today's blobitecture that competes to be as hostile and hideous as possible.  People used to understand how and why to make places that are a delight to use.  We need more of this in the world.
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