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Today's Cooking

I am making pheasant stock today.  This is my general recipe for stock.  I have the leftover pheasant carcass from yesterday.  I also have some mushrooms and onions that didn't fit into the pan, so those went in too.  I added a bay leaf.  Now I just ignore it for several hours.  :D

EDIT 3/1/20: Partway through the cooking process, it occurred to me to grab the other leftovers (wings and a leg) and take the meat off them.  So I diced up the meat and threw those bones into the crockpot also.  I now have about a cup and a half of diced pheasant.

From the crock I got five 3-cup cartons and three 2-cup cartons, for a total of 21 cups of pheasant stock.  I have put most of those into the freezer.

I'm reserving one of the 2-cup cartons and the pheasant meat for tomorrow's supper: pheasant quinoa.  I'll add some sort of vegetable to go with it, probably either mushrooms or mixed frozen vegetables.

I'm pleased with how the pheasant stock turned out too: it's subtle, but with a very rich, meaty undertone.  Exactly the kind of thing I want for crocking meat or reconstituting dried things.  \o/
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