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Unsold Poems for the February 4, 2020 Poetry Fishbowl

The following poems from the February 4, 2020 Poetry Fishbowl are currently available. Poems may be sponsored via PayPal -- there's a permanent donation button on my Dreamwidth profile page -- or you can write to me and discuss other methods. There are still verses left in the linkback poems "Mysterious and Impermanent," "Greater Than the Sum," "A Lively Feast," "Between the Normal and the Abnormal," "Always Carry Your Goodness," "Crossroads on the Hero's Journey," "Gökotta," "The Arc of the Mental Universe," "So Often Alone," "An Iron Fist," "The Bushfire Shawl."

"The Cardinal Sin of Satanism"
This inspired the free-verse poem "The Cardinal Sin of Satanism." While seeking new spiritual resources, Genna stumbles across the local Satanists. She is disturbed by how much she has in common with them.
231 lines, Buy It Now = $116

It was Sunday, and
the church plans had
fallen through again
because people were
so narrow-minded.

"Coming Together Is a Beginning"
This inspired the free-verse poem "Coming Together Is a Beginning." Sometimes people call Kraken to deal with wild young things, and then Kraken has to figure out what to do with them.
694 lines, Buy It Now = $347

With a spring in his step,
Saul Omar walked through
the secret Kraken base
known as Bulldog Hall.

Today was the big day.

"Devils in the Soup Kitchen"
Your Satanic prompt contributed to the free-verse poem "Devils in the Soup Kitchen." Diego likes to dress up as a devil and do good deeds, but then he meets some startling people.
85 lines, Buy It Now = $43

Diego detests the way his parents
say one thing and do another,
the hypocrisy grating on him.

"Even After Everything"
Your second prompt inspired the free-verse poem "Even After Everything." The gangsta girl and her goldfinch break up a scuffle outside a church.
93 lines, Buy It Now = $47

It's not a bad city,
San Francisco, if you're
not too picky about how
you raise money to pay
its outrageous rent.

"From the Shelter of Compassion and Pity"
This inspired the free-verse poem "From the Shelter of Compassion and Pity." Shaeth takes in a new family of followers, and deals with a hypocrite in the process.
160 lines, Buy It Now = $80

Shaeth was minding his own business
in the marketplace, shopping for
supplies with his followers, when
the ruckus at the temple gate
attracted his attention.

"If the Scar Is Deep"
This inspired the free-verse poem "If the Scar Is Deep." Guests bring gifts for Pomarola, and a momentous message arrives.
340 lines, Buy It Now = $170

The morning after was awful,
but that was inevitable.

Cuoio could hear
Pomarola crying
through the door of
the bedroom, so he
went to make breakfast.

"More Valuable Than Money"
This inspired the free-verse poem "More Valuable Than Money." Boss White and Shiv deal with a bit of petty fraud at Blues Moon.
85 lines, Buy It Now = $43

Shiv didn't like Jack.

Strictly speaking, he wasn't
supposed to dislike customers,
but Shiv wasn't a people person
to begin with and Jack was a jerk.

"No Authority at All"
Your prompt inspired the free-verse poem "No Authority at All." Evangelists come knocking at Monster House. It does not go well for them.
59 lines, Buy It Now = $20

Your prompt contributed to the free-verse poem "Scraps." Shiv talks to Aidan and Dr. G about why he doesn't like church or priests.
(Warning for graphic implications of child abuse.)
520 lines, Buy It Now = $260

Shiv jittered around his apartment,
waiting for the call to come through.

He still hadn't gotten used to this shit.

He also hadn't told Aidan to fuck off,
because while they couldn't stand
each other in person, Shiv had learned
that Aidan was about as useful as Dr. G
when it came to fixing fuckups, and that
was an advantage he couldn't afford
to piss away for no good reason.

"Two Thirds of Our Miseries"
Your cleric prompt inspired the free-verse poem "Two Thirds of Our Miseries." Dazhawn struggles to learn his superpower, but not everyone is careful about dealing with it.
167 lines, Buy It Now = $84

They're in the Main Quadrangles today,
the little square part out front of Jones and Kent.

Dazhawn likes working outside, because
that way he can see if he's spilling over
from his friends to affect other people.

"Where Change Can Take Place"
Several prompts contributed to the free-verse poem "Where Change Can Take Place." Rutledge citizens -- including Muslims, Christians, and a Satanist -- make preparations to welcome the Syrian refugees. But not everyone is on board with this plan.
280 lines, Buy It Now = $140

The town of Rutledge had voted
to accept a hundred Syrian refugees,
and Ibrahim Khaled had agreed to come
with his sons Darwish and Nadir, bringing
whoever else he could entice to Vermont.

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