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Content notes for "Maple Everything"

These are the content notes for "Maple Everything."

Founded in 1893, the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers' Association (VMSMA), counts among the oldest non-government agricultural organizations in America. It has headquarters in South Royalton, Vermont.

The maple sugar season typically runs late February-early April, peaking in March. Unlike most places with a peak tourism season in summer, Vermont has spikes in fall (for colorful foliage) and winter (for maple syrup).

Rutledge holds their Maple Everything in the first week of March. While Saturday has the most activities, lots of other things get spread out through the week. There is usually at least one cooking competition every day, with different themes hosted by different restaurants, stores, sugarhouses, and others. The library runs a book club that talks about maple books and reads excerpts from a different one each day. The park service leads tours of maple forests and sugarhouses. Individual businesses do their own activities -- most sugarmakers will have demonstrations and talks. The schools have maple fairs for which the students make projects, put on plays, and so forth. Saturday has the big fair with maple-flavored everything and auxiliary products such as maple-leaf quilts.

See the family T-shirts: Make Syrup Not War (Ibrahim), Life Is Too Short for Fake Maple Syrup (Darwish), and Maple Syrup Goes on Everything (Nadir).

There are many other funny T-shirts, like Tappin' It. Another company offers many images you can have put on a T-shirt. This way they can stock a range of styles, colors, and sizes of tops to suit everyone instead of trying to guess which they will need for what images.

Maple butter is made by heating and cooling maple syrup, then stirring it until smooth.

Maple sugar is made by boiling almost all the water out of maple sap, until it crystallizes.

Maple milk and maple fudge are more complex products. Maple fudge can be poured into leaf-shaped candy molds, or poured in a pan and later cut with leaf-shaped cookie cutters. You want a fairly simple shape for this, not too fussy.

Maple syrup is made by boiling sap until it thickens. It is divided into grades. As the season progresses, the color gets darker.

Maple syrup recipes include Baked Apples, Maple Mustard Glazed Chicken, Maple Glazed Sweet Potatoes, Autumn Maple Cutout Cookies, and Maple Syrup Snow Candy.

I couldn't find a recipe for candied squash leather, but have seen references to it. You can either dip whole strips of squash in maple before drying, or chop the squash and mix it with maple to make bars. I did find a recipe for No-Bake Granola Bars. Figure the Abenaki would favor native grains, nuts, and seeds in theirs.

Maple taffy is made by boiling sap until it becomes a sticky semisolid.

Maple vinegar is made with the last tapping, which doesn't cook down well for syrup or sugar, but will readily ferment into fine vinegar. It has a brash, bright flavor very similar to wine vinegar with subtle woodsy and maple notes. However, if you add a small amount of maple syrup, the maple notes of the vinegar roar into focus. Put the two together, and you can create any maple flavor on the spectrum from sour to sweet. They make spectacular vinaigrette.

Vinegar is a condiment that was favored by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). It has numerous health benefits and flavors everything from salads and cooked vegetables and acts as a meat tenderizer in marinades and more. In a hadith narrated by Ayesha, Muslim and Ibn Maja, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “Allah has put blessing in vinegar, for truly it was used by the Prophets before me.”

Baking with maple includes such things as Maple Huckleberry Coffee Cake.

Halal vanilla may come in powder or in a glycerin base.

Muslims differ on whether alcohol extracts are acceptable or not. (A similar divide occurs among alcoholics. With alcohol-sensitive medication, the threshold varies and this is not always specified in the warning labels.) For maximum inclusivity, use nonalcoholic vanilla products.

With regard to the ruling on eating vanilla, it is permissible even though it was mixed with alcohol during preparation, for two reasons:
1.Alcohol is not najis (impure) in a physical sense; rather it is taahir (pure)
2.The alcohol does not have any effect on vanilla; the one who consumes it does not become intoxicated and no effect of alcohol is seen when eating it. Rather whatever may become attached to the seeds during preparation disappears and leaves no trace in the seed. Something that is like this is not haraam to consume.

It depends; if the vanilla extract contains ethyl alcohol then it is haram. Ethyl alcohol a derived from ethanol which Is haram for Muslims to deal with.
Regarding your questions, Allah says in the Holy Qur’ân: “They ask you regarding wine and gambling. Say, in both of them is major sin, and there is some benefit for men, but the sin of them is far greater than benefit” (Surah Baqarah - 219)
Also, the Prophet Muhammad (swa) also instructed the Sahabas, to avoid any intoxicating substances -- (paraphrased) "if it intoxicates in a large amount, it is forbidden even in a small amount."

Basically it depends on whether the ruling you follow considers alcohol harmful unto itself, in which case any amount is haram even if it is too small to intoxicate; or whether the ruling considers alcohol harmful due to its intoxicating effects, in which case alcoholic beverages are haram but products with amounts too small to intoxicate -- such as vanilla extract with alcohol -- are halal. Vanilla flavorings made without alcohol, such as vanilla extract with glycerin or vanilla powder, are permissible for all Muslims and this is what gets advertised as halal vanilla.

Sugar-free maple extract offers maple flavor without sweetness. Use it in recipes like Keto Maple Pumpkin Scones.

Explore the Ginger Stomach Soother, Ginger Tea, and other stomach-soothing teas.

Diving first aid across a standard first aid booth staffed by paramedics and a separate booth staffed by an herbalist is one example of how Terramagne-America tends to spread out activity to prevent overcrowding. Since most people with digestive issue will visit Mentha's booth, the first aid tent will be left for people who fall down steps or have cardiac issues or whatever. That one little change makes the event a lot easier on everyone.
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